Monday, May 28, 2012

Avila - the Walled City

When you hear people talk about, "times were so simple back then..." they must be talking about Y1000, because can you imagine protecting a city by building a wall around it?  That's what those Romans did in 1100.  Yes, those same Aqueduct building, Christians torturing, crazy helmeted fools...the Romans
      The town of Avila, Spain, has the best preserved Roman walls in all of Spain if not the world...and the best part is, you can walk about 1/4 of a mile on top of them.  Makes you feel like grabbing a crossbow and taking out a few pedestrians below.... oops...that's the Roman in me.
"I'm sorry your honor but I please innocent by reason of genetic engineering... You see... I'm a Roman!"

From Segovia, we took a two hour bus ride.
Excellent bus.
  Some of them have WiFi.  Those that don't "give me" an opportunity to read, "The Sun Also Rises", by Hemingway, on my Kindle!  I can read about four chapters and then it's good night Irene... no offense Ernesto!

Upon arriving in Avila - BOOM -
 there's the walled in city.  
You can't miss it!

Uhhhhh.... Zack, you can put the map away now.  
We found the wall... in fact... we're on the wall!

and what's the best way to end a perfect day of wall walking... 
 with Paella and sangria... and some more sangria... and some more sangria...
Whew... all that wall walking is making me a bit dizzy!  

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