Friday, June 1, 2012

Seville - city of jacarandas

We started in Madrid, then up to Segovia (not on the map but it's about 60 miles NW of Madrid), then on to Avila, (not on the map but it's about 40 miles NW of Madrid) and now we're in Sevilla! Sevilla is about  6 hours southwest from Madrid.

Seville - which the Spanish pronounce as Say- Bee -ya, has it's own Alcazar (castle) which rambles on forever.  Gazillions of rooms, huge gardens, and beautiful patios.  

The Alcazar is built in typical Moorish style - Mudejar  - pronounced Moo day jar, NOT muddy jar!  I've noticed several things about castles, mansions, alcazars, and chateaus:
1. I'll never be able to afford them.
2. No one I hang with will ever be able to afford them.
3. They are not built for casual lounging about.
4. No one I've ever known will ever be able to afford them.

Zack was actually awestruck by the palace. I figured he would be ready to leave know... seen one 1000 year old mansion/castle...seen 'em all.  But he wanted to stay!  By all means, let's soak up this history!

I love the doorways that look like giant keyholes.  As you peer through this doorway you can see one of the flying buttresses on the cathedral of Seville.
    The seated man in the white shirton the far right  is the "vigilante".  I'm not making this up.  He's the "guard",  He's suppose to be watching out for bad people.  He must be very good at his job as he never stood up  or even looked up, despite 1000's of people that walked through the gates.
    He's what's known as a
"sitting buttress"...

To an adult, it's cute.  Maybe even adorable.  BUT... To a fellow student with anger's an open invitation for one serious butt-kicking.

Ohhhhh.... it's his  outfit for First Communion, cool!!  Really cool.  Just don't send him to school like this!!

Now these pictures deserve to be in the Prado!!

Purple rain!

Yes!  Yes!! It's true!
Zack and I have found a way to make money as we travel through Spain.  We are now Flamenco dancers!

For 14E, we were in a little hole-in-the-wall dive that's been around since before Columbus was turned into an accordion-sized corpse, given a free drink -
a) watered down sangria or b) local beer called CruzCampo,  CruzCrappo as it is known amongst the tourists!.
But the show was the real deal.  Incredible amount of energy.  The guitarist was equally talented.  Made me realize just how many talented people walk by you on the street every day and you would never guess in what field they are talented.

I wonder if people recognize my talent when they pass me on the street. My talent is, "the ability to recognize and appreciate great food!"

After a good day of castle climbing and flamenco dancing, what better way to cap the day than with a cold glass of sangria and a plate of paella!
Muy sabroso!!

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