Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 33 Camino de Santiago Aug. 7 Triacastela

Quick day today.  I was tired.  Not any pictures to speak of so I want to document what clothes I have:
*2 long sleeve shirts that roll up to be very cool and airy short sleeve shirts.  I wear the blue one EVERY FRIGGIN DAY and save the green one for an emergencies or nights.
*1 short sleeve shirt.  I shower after walking for the day, and put on the short sleeve shirt
*1 pair of long/short pants - I keep them as long pants but they unzip to become short pants if needed.  I put them on after the afternoon shower. EVERY FRIGGIN DAY
*1 pair of rugged short pants (lots of pockets) that I wear ... you got it...EVERY FRIGGIN DAY
*3 pair of underwear
*3 pair of socks - el cheapos from Walmart.
*1 pair of good woolen blend socks.  I save those for rainy days.  Could have done without.
*1 pair long pants in case I had to sleep outdoors, in case others got wet.
*1 pair of hiking shoes (not high tops) EVERY FRIGGIN DAY
* 1 pair of flip flops that I wear after the afternoon shower EVERY FRIGGIN DAY
* 1 baseball hat - go Sun Devils! EVERY FRIGGIN DAY
*1 pair of pj pants - 1 more layer of protection and keeps me warm EVERY FRIGGIN DAY
*1  pj short sleeve shirt - same rationale as above + extra t shirt if needed EVERY FRIGGIN DAY

1 sheet - silk/satin - very helpful!  Some beds are suspect.  I've seen some nasty bedbug attacks on others.
1 towel - very light, big, quick drying.  worth $35 I paid.  I left it at the Triacastela albergue and walked back two miles to get it!!  Do I value it???
1pillowcase - got this at the first albergue - someone left it in a pile of give-a-ways.
1 umbrella - debatable need - if it had rained much, I'm sure I'd be thankful to have it
1 poncho - would need if it would rain.  I'm not complaining!
1 flashlight - that I left in the albergue!!!  Auuugghhh!  Oh well I hope it finds a happy home.  It deserves   it.  It's the one that I found after the first night in Ronceville.  That's what happens when you are rushed in the morning!  Now I will use my iPhone.  If that thing could shave....
comb/toothpaste/ toothbrush/razor/deodarant/ soap dish +soap/lotion/qtips
1 bag o' meds!
*iphone/camera+ holster - THANKYOU RAYMOND!  The holster makes it hard to forget and keep it from falling out of my pocket!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
*airMac - heavy but fun!!
*chargers - gotta have them!

*backpack with wheels - WaLK and RoLL BABY!!!

*2 small packs of Kleenex - need I say more.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” 
 Mark Twain

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