Thursday, May 10, 2012

28 Years Later

Thursday, May 3, 2012
28 years later...

Well, I have to tell you... waiting for May 20th is not fun.  I needed to leave... yesterday... actually three months ago, but bahhhh, some other time!!
Let me introduce you to the greatest living creature ever.  This is serious.  He is a love bucket.
He is Bucky...
                    ... and Bucky gives far far more love than he could ever be given.
Bucky is who I seek to impress.  I have one goal in life and that is to be the man that Bucky thinks I am!
I have many friends but Bucky is THE friend.  Always happy.  Always greeting me at the door.  I owe him everything.  If the world was full of Buckys, we'd have no wars... Lotta poop, however.  Small tradeoff.

                  May 20th cannot get here soon enough.  Waiting for anything, good or bad, is torturous!  Whether it's a trip to DisneyLand or a trip to the gallows, "I've always been, 'Let's go already!!"  I remember when I would get swats at school and first would come the walk to the office, then the speech, and then the shaking of the principal's head as if in disbelief.  I always wanted to say, "What?  You're surprised that I hit him?  Didn't I tell you that if he took my pencil again, I was going to lay him out?"  but worse than the swats, though not by much, was the wait for the paddle to descend the arc and into the flesh.  Must of been hell to have had your head on a guillotine waiting and then hearing the blade slide down the rail.  I can only imagine that it would happen so fast that you'd have maybe one second after your head was lopped off to think, "I believe it missed..." and then darkness and silence.  Hmmmm, not exactly light reading eh?  How did I go from a story about precious Bucky to guillotines??!
                      I've been reading about three countries:  Ireland, Spain, and Morocco.  Such an eclectic group of countries?  First I was planning to go to Ireland, but then Zack, my 20 year old son said he wanted to go to Europe.  Cool!  Put down the books on Ireland.
       "Where do you want to go in Europe?" I asked, thinking for sure that he would say, "Amsterdam, then Rome, then Paris, then Madrid, then Berlin...., but nope he said, "Spain...and only Spain!" 
                        Very cool.  Get a book on Spain.   
                        Means we can take our time, travel slowly and in the long run, enjoy it more.
                So why Morocco?  Look at a map.  It's 30 minutes across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco.  The more I read about Morocco, the more I want to stay there 30 days!  There is a city called Chefchaouen, that has been painted blue.  Yes blue!  The walls of the city are blue.  Really cool looking, but I've got to wonder how that happened...
                    "Hey Mamook!  I just finished painting Fazzol's bedroom a pretty shade of blue and I was wondering what to do with the 300 gallons left over?" 
                    Yes...I'm stoked.  I get to take Zack traveling the ol' school way.   We may not sleep in train stations or on park benches, like the old days, but it won't be in Hiltons either.  Not unless I can sneak in there during the day and leave a window cracked open.
As always, if you want to join me for a short stretch or if you want to take a seriously discounted cruise, just tell me where and when.  I'm game.  If you have a friend or relative anywhere overseas, and you want me to visit them (ahem, read between the lines a little will ya!!)
The picture at the top is me at the Barrio Cafe, which is my favorite Mexican Restaurant.  I'll take you there when I return.  Right now, I'm 6' and 205.  If the past is a predictor of the future, I'm betting I'll return at 6' but be down to 190.  Bucky's not worried... so neither am I.
As for you Buck,  don't get up.


  1. we have lots of friends in France if you get there and need a place.. I have a cousin in Rome if you get that direction....and I might find you place in the Philippines if you end up there...but sounds like you are headed to a different continent...and we know some people in Russia too...keep us posted on where you are headed makes me think of "Flat Stanley" or "Where's Waldo" ...LOL

  2. There is no place off my radar! After Spain, I'll probably head south to Morocco, and then back up through Spain, France and over the the UK and Ireland. Then it's east to Scandanavia, down through eastern Russia and Eastern Europe to Turkey. Then, and I have no clue it should be west to maybe India and over to Japan, Philippines and the South Pacific to Australia and New Zealand. Somehow I'll make it to Argentina and work my way up to Central America and back into the USA.
    That's the thought...but hey, the only thing for sure is that nothing is for sure. If you want to send those addresses, great. Just make sure they don't sit at home waiting for me to show up! ha!
    Take care and thanks for the thoughts,

  3. There's a welcoming stop on Dangar Island, NSW Australia (my sister) if you find yourself there and would like to enjoy a local's hospitality. ---Kathryn