Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 21st Century Tech Buggaboo

Okay this is mostly just a test to see if I have this blog thing down correctly before I move 8,000 miles away.  Wow....that sounds like I won't be seeing too many regulars for awhile.
    I'm pumped because I've been reading about so many new places to go.  For example:
         1.  I read about a place in the PHILIPPINES where for about $80 I can swim with whale sharks!  Wow!  By the way, that is not me in the red bikini....mine is a one - piece and blue. 
         2.  I read about a place in New Zealand where I can go black water rafting!  Blackwater rafting?? I had heard about whitewater rafting but what's with the racist tag??  Turns out those Kiwis aren't anymore racist than your next door neighbor (unless he's the Grand Dragon of the local chapter).  Nope, Blackwater rafting is when you raft underfriggin'ground!!   Here's how it works:  You hike into a cave, then wade in a river (at some points the water is so close to the ceiling that while walking, you have to turn your head side ways so that you can keep your ahead above the water...kinda important), but wait.... it gets crazier.  After a while that river decides it wants to fall off an underground cliff, so you have to jump into this blackness... and when you surface swim to a light and get on a raft.  Then you raft the rest of the river and enter a room that's filled with yellow glow worms!
        3. I read about a cruise that leaves from Venice and travels for 20 days through Turkey, Greece, Italy , France and finally to Spain...all for a whopping $50 a day!!  That's less than I'll be spending a day to sleep with people speaking at the top of their lungs at 5:00 AM in an un-airconditioned room filled with smelly socks!!

Okay so THAT'S just one day of reading!  Gotta love that internet!!

My problem is this blog thing is killing me.  I love to write but I am having soooooo many problems with the mechanics.  Just basics like the differences between a "post" and a "blog"!  Differences like how do people who want to read these posts (which are part of a blog, find them)?  If you found them, tell me what you typed and where so I can let others know.  I know...friggin George Washington was more tech savvy than I am.  But hey, I tried to call Google today and OMG... I went psycho!!  THEY DO NOT HAVE A PHONE ANSWERING SERVICE WITH PEOPLE FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT BLOGGING!!! THEY REFER YOU BACK TO THEIR INTERNET HELP!!!  AUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHH!   I think I know why I was able to be a success as a teacher - because I'm so darn dumb!!!  I have experienced every problem that those kids experience as a learner and I could break a procedure down to the most basic of tasks.  Assemble the tasks- learn the procedure.
Now if I could only teach these multi-billion dollar companies the value of human contact.  That will never change,  whether your George Washington in 1776 or  George Jetson in 2050!


  1. OK so if you or others want to read back posts you click on the tags on the right side of the page....for example, under may you have 3 posts -- they are all under May 3rd...BTW loved the Philippines when I was there 12 years ago now so I can't give you any hint as to where to go -- but we took a canoe ride up river to a water fall -- and the locals actually drag you up hill....good thing I weighed less then...(pre children...Lol) ...

    Glad you don't have a red bikini BTW

  2. here is a dream place that i have listed on my bucket's called
    it would be a dream come true for me!
    so if you ever find yourself wanting to visit thailand...look this place up!
    i think you would look better in a green bikini anyway!