Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 15 Camino de Santiago July 20th Burgos

Raj and I took off this morning and it was COLD!   That's why we had a breakfast of cafe con leche and pastries at our Albuerge.  The Albuerge was run by a family and very attentive to us.

 I got about 4 k from Ages and remembered that I had left my walking sticks! Aughhhhh!  I'm so mad at myself!  Wellllll.....
Forgive (myself for being human), Forget (being angry won't help), Forge on (buy new ones?)

No, (in case you are thinking it...) I did not go back.  That's 8k or about 2.5 hours.  I can't go backwards.

Anytime that I have a road to walk, I try and roll.  The green thing on the backpack is my towel drying from being used 15 minutes ago.


They found a ancient man in one of the towns near here.  He doesn't look to bright... t think he's from South Memphis!

Kinda has that, "Uhhh, seen a woolly mammoth running around?"

 "Duhhh.... wish someone would invent fire."

 Couldn't help but look at this lone blooming sunflower and scream, "Yeah, Baby!  You bloom where you're planted... and when you want to bloom.  Don't be told you have to wait! Bloom baby Bloom!"

Hmmmm....probably need some therapy!!

People always throw stones at things that shine!

Gotta have a thick coat if you're going to follow your own path!


 This cross was at the top of the monstrous hill (which helped me realize that I had left my sticks).  Like I said before, little reminders to let you know that you are on the Way.  It's all good, eh!  A few days ago, we came across a cross and thought nothing of it.  Later that night when I had my sore legs propped up on the bunk, I read that the cross commemorated where a great battle took place.  The two kingdoms were arguing over a strip of land and were preparing for war.  One of the kings had a great idea, why not have one warrior from each community fight, and whichever won got the land.  The loser got the cross!

   From the hilltop, we could see Burgos, the 2nd largest city on the Camino.  I wish we didn't see it, because it makes me think that it's not to far.... 4 hours later, we are hobbling into town.  The town is spread along a river but the Camino goes through the city.  It's as if the Camino developers, when they got to Burgos said, "Oh phooey!  Let them walk along and on the road!"  And we did, for four hours.  Not the best part of the Camino.

This sign says, "Smile! You're in Burgos!"  I'd have smiled more if they had said, "free taxi!"


The cathedral in Burgos is amazing.  Started in the 10th Century, Gothic, it finished being Baroque and Romanesque.  It is very difficult to photograph a cathedral so I apologize  Here is a model of it.
  Probably the most ornate cathedral that I've ever been in. There wasn't two square feet of wall that wasn't carved, had a statue on it, or had a painted mural.


Most gothic cathedrals have  HUGE pillars supporting the ceilings, and this one did as well, but they were beautifully carved and sculpted, not the usual big ol' pillars.


 Even the hallways were ornate and yet light because of the stain glass windows.

  All in all, it was as if the architects looked at all the other cathedrals in the world and said, "I like this, but let's add this touch!"

Most gothic cathedrals have a main floor for mass and then a few chapels.  The Burgos cathedral has a decent size gathering area for a Mass, but many incredibly ornate chapels.  It's a gorgeous hunk of rock!

Not dark and scary like other gothic cathedral...except for the gargoyles!!

    Like this beautiful staircase to allow people in from a different street, which is 24 meters higher than the rest of the cathedral.  
    Here is a map of the Camino de Santiago.  You can see how it goes across Northern Spain in red, and the blue are all pilgrimage routes through France to get to the Camino de Santiago.  If you look closely, you can see how they form a scallop shell.
     This is how my day will end - in a cafe with wifi and 1E Cano.  A cano is a small small glass of wine/beer.  Actually, I had fresh squeezed oj and a bottle of water.  WooHOO ! such a party animal!

   This is how my day will begin tomorrow!  and the next day...and the next day...and the next the same clothes no less!

I miss you!

Happy are those who marvel at the mundane!- SWB

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