Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 16 Camino de Santiago July 21, Hornillos

Saturday - Hornillos de la Camino
   The night in Burgos was wonderful because Raj and I met Tina, (the girl who got me when Kevin sliced opened his arm), and she told us of a street in Burgos called Calle San Lorenzo and that it was a lot of fun.  It sounded like the street in Pamplona, narrow and full of tapas bars.   This is inside of our favorite tapas bar.  This one had the best food, but the worst sangria.  The next tapas bar had the coldest beer, but the worst tapas.  Eventually...I had the best cafe con leche and the best dessert.  Twas a great night!

     Walking out of Burgos did not take as long as walking into Burgos.  The walk in was sheer torture, but the walk out was nice, along a river through a park. 
 I honestly think that I could walk 50k in a day through a park.  I want to be able to make my mind see “park”, even when it sees “industrial park”, like on the way in.  It helps if I am walking alone because I can remove myself.  But if I am walking with someone who is constantly saying, “Dang it’s hot!”  or “How much farther?”, that brings me screeching back into the moment.  Raj was good about not mentioning the heat or distance.

  After I got through the park, I came across what would be the ultimate test of mind over matter - being in prison.  I’m not 100% sure that this is a prison but the barbed wire fencing, guard towers, and imposing walls tell me that they want to either keep someone in or someone out.  Sounds like a prison to me. 


 I haven’t seen a sickle in a long time.  Right!  Communism is the answer.  I’m still waiting for someone to show me one communist country that is worth living in.  
   “How about China?”
    China???  They are about as communist as Donald Trump.


Remember me saying that when we enter a town, there is no one around?  Where are they?  Twilight Zoned, that’s where!


These two people were turned to bronze!  One still had a cigarette in his mouth. There’s some weird stuff going on around here!!!  As they say in North North (Frayser), “People be gettin’ metalized up in here!”  


  Oh look!  Friggin’ trees!  I’m not even tired, but I’ll be darn if I don’t sit under the shade for a few minutes.  The land is getting more and more treeless as I roam west.  It’s still beautiful, but most of the Pelegrinos (Pilgrims) are not excited about it. they say that it is too hot and desolate.  I like it because my laundry will dry faster, my appetite is curbed, and it causes me to practice several self-discipline traits, like mind over matter.  What’s not to like??!!!


I came across this shepherd in the road a few k before getting to Hornillos.  Friendly guy.  Introduced me to his wife and children... just kidding.  Wish I could have seen his dogs in action.  Perhaps I should have stampeded the herd.  Yeah, and then run away screaming, "Im not American!  I’m Canadian!  I’m Canadian!”  (not the CCES Canadian! Ha inside joke that I can only tell in person!)

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