Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 21 Camino de Santiago July 26, Sagahun

Very nice walk today of up and down small hills.  A bit overcast at first so the sun didn't start to scorch until about 12:00.  Lots of sunflowers, hay and little towns.  The little towns make it easy to Compound Effect.  "Okay, 3k to Villa Whatthehecka", and then 2.5 K to Palookavilla, etc.
This poor guy, Jacques de Molay, was the last of the Templars, and boy did he pay a price.  He got betwixt the Pope and the King of France who had him burned slowly on an isle in the Seine River.  What kind of a sick pervert does that??  

Spain is the leader in the world in using solar energy.  I bet they don't buy their panels from China.  Please stop buying things made in China.  Make our own, even at a loss, it will do the USA better in the long run.

 This is a cold storage unit just outside of the town Moratinos.  It's used as a wine cellar and a place to store vegetables.  We were guessing it was a burial tomb, houses, but never thought about it being a storage cellar.  

  This is the original Blue Adobe, okay, not really.  But it is adobe and it does have blue windows and doors.
  They must have gotten tired of the HOA's color selection of beige, beige or beige...
their son from U of North Carolina came home and asked if he could do a little touch-up to the paint job.
Mom's doing acid again!


 Somewhere, there is an agent for OSHA who is looking at this picture and who has just fainted.  I can't imagine these bells not falling from the rafters, especially considering the amount of vibrations that are caused by the ringing of the bells.

 This is a pretty little Ermita, which is due for 297,000 E for refurbishing.  I wonder how they decide which churches get the money.
Pope:  you getta money, you getta some money.... NO!  you no getta no money!


This is the style of the buildings here in Sahagun.  Kinda of a knock off of Tudor, but with adobe.  Not very attractive, but I guess it's durable.

I don't know the name of this church and ain't ashamed to admit it.  I know that it has about seven names. Something like San Lorenzo de blah blah blah blah.  Whatever.  It is about 900 years old and everyone who built it is dead.  The govt. is giving 43K E to rehab it.   So really, what else do you need to know!

This is another old church with 12 names and up on a hill.  I learned the name and by the time I got to the bottom, I was like, "San Sebastian de Mer con Chihuahuas"... no that's not right..."San Amigo de cucaraches" okay here it is.   "San Big Ol' Church #2".  Got it!!

This is the altar that was inside the San Big Ol' Church #2.  While there it dawned on me why not only the Catholic Church, but Spain and Europe are giving money to rehab so many other churches... they are spending money to try and jump start the economy.  These are "shovel ready" projects.   I was with a German and I said, "Wow!  They did a great job on this church!" and he replied, "Yah.... wit our German money!!"   Don't you just love that Euro!!

Funny story about last night at an insanely crowded Auberge - the bunk beds were so close that you had to turn sideways to get into the bunk.  The curfew was 10:00 - that means lights out and no noise.  Only, several people were not ready for bed.  Some went to a bar and some sat on the front steps, and myself and Tina,(the girl who rescued Kevin) sat on the back porch.  We were whispering and trying not to waken the people inside who were going to get up at 4:30 (how whacked it that??!!) So we're whispering and the owner comes home from the bar and starts playing with his dog who is barking nonstop, and bouncing a rubber ball off the roof so his dog can catch it.  The roof is the one with the people trying to sleep.   Then two of his friends came over and they were talking at the top of their lungs while we shook our heads in disbelief and continued whispering.  After about 30 minutes, I said, "Why are we still whispering?"  and then we couldn't stop laughing.  It was like we had been baling water from a ship that was all but under water.   Okay...I guess you had to be there!
    I gotta run now.  Need to go to the pharmacy to buy some band-aides and some Q-tips.  Feet take a banging but keep on ticking.  God bless ibuprofen!!

Never let a fool kiss you and never let a kiss fool you - Mardy Grothe

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