Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 22 Camino de Santiago July 27th El Burgo Ranero

Happy Birthday Uncle Luther - Thanks for all you did.  I only hope that I can do for others what you did for me.  For those of you who never met my Uncle, I'm sad for you, but hope there is/will be someone in your life like him.  
      Today’s route followed the road for the entire 22 kilometers.  I could have easily rolled the entire distance but walking on the road is hard on the feet but easier on the back (no pack).  Walking on the path is easier on the feet, but rougher on the back.  The view you see in this picture is pretty much the view for the last few and the next few days.  No complaints.  Perfect for thinking!

  Yes, another church!!!  This was named, uh...  “The Little Church on the Prairie”.  Again, I could be wrong.  There must be a million churches in this area and all are either being renovated or have been renovated.  

    So what does one see when one stops on the camino in a wee little town?  Well, first he finds shade and then orders some tapas, in this case, ham on bread with no cheese.  It took everything bur an Act of Congress to get the bartender to understand that I wanted cheese on it.  He looked at me as if I was asking for him to make cheese, not slice it.  Four of these for a buck!
   Next, where’s the entertainment?  Aha... Swallows on the adobe house across the street.  They fly so fast even as they approach their mud nests.  I'm sure if I could understand Swallonese, I'd be hearing them screaming, "I'm coming in hot!!  Pull up!  Pull up!"  and they always make it.  
This church is different in that it has a brick interior.  Probably won't need renovating for a couple of hundred years!!  Gotta know the Pope is saying Gratzi!  Gratzi!!

Here's a car I saw today that did not change its style in many many years.  It's a Citroen and  the nickname is the Ugly Duckling!  I saw one in Europe in 1988 and it looked just like this one!   I think it is appropriately named!!

As I left town to head to El Burgo Ranero, this was the exit sign.  Good to see that some people  inject quality when they do a job.  "Whomever you are, Mr. Sign Painter, know that some peregrine appreciates your efforts!  

I also appreciated the efforts of this farmer.  They were plums, not prunes.  Super sweet and I took about 5 or 6 and left some change.  Sometimes I'll leave a couple of coins and realize, "Wait, that was a 2 Euro and a 1 Euro coin!  That's like 4 bucks!!

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss  

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